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June iphone photos and Kids Say

Happy July! July is always a good month to celebrate because it’s National Ice Cream Month–not that I don’t already celebrate almost every other day of the rest of the year 😉 Anyway, here is our June recap with iphone pictures..(not in chronological order–or really, not in any order at all!)
1) I bribed my kids with puppy chow to get them to cooperate for this picture. Based on the comments from my instagram, I’d say I’m not the only mom to bribe haha 2) I’ve always wanted a silhouette picture during my pregnancy but we’ve never had good windows for that until now!! 3) love my girly girl! 4) 26 weeks (taken yesterday!)
june iphone pictures
june iphone pictures 2

I’ve mentioned before that I use an app called A Color Story to edit my iphone pictures. I just wanted to show a before and after to demonstrate how I use it to brighten up a picture that probably would have just been left on my camera roll otherwise! The app is free, along with many features. But I did pay for the extras and so far I think it’s been worth it! (I’m not affiliated with them at all–I just love the app!)

a color story edit


I will always treasure all these pictures with the kids! The other pictures are from Father’s Day, celebrating the best daddy!!
june iphone pictures 3


Okay, I may be exhausted, but look how blessed we are!! That picture of the kids eating ice cream is one of my favorites!
june iphone pictures 4


1) Sharing her ice cream with her baby brother. 2) She had been playing house with her brothers and had stuffed a blanket in her swim suit. They came down the stairs, excitedly telling me the good news–she was having triplet girls! She wanted a picture in front of the door, “just like mommy!” 3) She got bangs!! It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made! No more snot and food getting stuck in her hair haha. 4) Dipped cone to celebrate the first day of summer!
june iphone pictures 5


1) and 2) we’ve been trying to get outside in the mornings before lunch to play and swim while Desmond is napping (and before it gets too hot!) 3) Twinning with Evangeline. She heard me mentioning I wanted a 25 week bump shot and she said “I have a baby in my belly, just like you! And I have a striped dress! Can I be in the picture?” How could I say no? 4) We loooove Tubby Todd! You may remember my (non sponsored) review of Tubby Todd that I did a while back. Now they have a MAMA line that I’m excited to try!
june iphone pictures 6


1) I’m enjoying this pregnancy and not wishing time away AT ALL! But there are so many cute things that I’ve found through Instagram for my baby girl and I’m so anxious to use it all! If you want sources for anything in the picture, let me know and I’ll link you to their shop! 2) and 3) If you think I take a lot of pictures of this girl, it’s because I spend so much time with her. The boys are usually off playing together and I get this little BFF. 4) One of my favorite pictures of Des! He fell asleep on me yesterday and I was able to pose him, just like when he was a newborn. I can’t believe he’ll be one in 11 days!!
june iphone pictures 7


National Donut Day was at the beginning of June. So of course we celebrated, homemade donut hat and all! And Evangeline’s room got the “sweetest” little feature wall!
june iphone pictures 8


1) After making fun of snapchat for years, I made an account to see what all the hype was about (mrsjessroberts) I like that I can take videos of the kids for Don to see later in the day (without having to fill up my phone’s storage) and the kids love the filters. But besides that, can’t say that I love it at this point! 2) Desmond and Kingston’s faces crack me up in this picture.
june iphone pictures 9


This month’s Kids Say post is a bit lame (maybe I was just too busy!) But the story at the bottom still has me laughing!
Kingston–“do you still need to put on makeup?”
Me–“no.” (I had already put some on that morning.)
Kingston–“so you’re just going to look like that?!”

Liam–“Wow mommy! Your tummy really does feel like a pillow!”

Kingston–(About the storm clouds) “I think the sun burnt those clouds.”

The 4 older kids had been playing dress-ups in the basement when Kingston came running upstairs to tell us “There’s water in the basement. It’s on the floor by that baby bed.”
It had been raining earlier in the day, so Don and I immediately thought we were going to be dealing with some water damage. He went to check and as he went downstairs, the kids were all pointing and saying “the water is over there!!”
As he went to inspect, he realized that Kingston had just been informing us that there were bottles of water…on the floor…in the basement. So “there’s water in the basement” had a much different meaning than what we originally thought. But we couldn’t stop laughing, thinking about the double meaning of that statement and the panic that followed.
P.S.—if you even reached the end!! I will be renaming my blog soon and doing a makeover of this space! We have a couple of blog names in mind, but I need help deciding! I will be conducting some kind of poll on here, facebook, instagram, or snapchat! So be on the lookout!! Or if you already have a suggestion, just write it in the comments!


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