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January Recap

Happy February! I’ve been a little MIA around here because our 2017 got off to a rough start. Every couple of days, it seems like someone else is puking. Desmond was hopefully the last one to get it–he was sick yesterday. Clem is the only one who didn’t officially get any kind of bug!! Anyway, we did have a lot of good moments that were mixed in with the sick days so I’m recapping our January without the puke…you can thank me later.

First up, our month in a minute videos-


and Don’s:

And January’s iphone photos–some from my instagram and some just treasures from my camera roll…


Our first snow day of 2017 and Clem’s first experience with the snow. Nothing beats that defeated look on her face. That picture has given me tons of laughs over the past month.

And of course, nothing says “you live in the midwest” like a 70 degree park day the week after an ice storm.

Clem got to spend the day with 2 of her baby best friends. They are such a cute trio!

Love these two girls and their personalities! We had another 70 degree day which apparently meant it was time for swim wear haha

The sea lion tunnel at the zoo is one of our favorite places when we go. The sea lions were so playful that day and kept coming over to the kids to interact with them. If you know anything about me, you know I am totally not an animal lover. But these guys are okay in my book.

Also, hippos. And a baby girl who look like a real life doll. This bonnet is from Yarn Republic, the same place where I got the Santa bonnet. Obviously we are a bit obsessed with it.

I posted the picture (below) of Desmond on instagram and captioned it with a few facts about him that I feel like I need to share here–This kid: takes 5-6 hour naps every day//legit eats more food than I do in a sitting//loves to whip nae nae//smothers everyone with kisses, all day, every day (especially his baby sister!) He can be a lot of work some days but we love this kid. He is hilarious and so much fun when he isn’t hangry.

Yesterday I took the 3 big boys to the dentist for their cleanings (where I learned that, while none of them have cavities, all 3 of them have jaws that are forming incorrectly and will definitely require braces if we don’t take steps to correct it now $$$$$$$) Afterwards, we picked up Evangeline and ran a few errands and stopped to get frozen custard from Culver’s (a treat from their dentist for being cavity free!) A few short years ago, taking 4 kids in public by myself was overwhelming. Yesterday it felt like such a breeze! Whether you have 2 kids or 10 kids, when you are able to go out with even one less kid, it always feels like such a huge difference!


I don’t have a ton of entries for Kids Say this month but I finally do have a few things!

When talking about what they wanted for Christmas, Kai said he wanted pig underwear for him and Evangeline so they could have matching underwear.


Kingston–“Wake up…go potty…take a drink…go potty…feeling better!”


Kai thought the Beatles’ lyrics that say “and I do appreciate you being ’round” actually said “and I do appreciate you being brown.”


Don–“Evangeline was walking around and kissing that potato.”

Evangeline–“No I wasn’t!!” I was just learning about it with my mouth.”


Kai–“It’s a good thing Clementine eats from a bottle now and not from you…so she won’t think you’re a cow.”

(Haha not how we feel about breastfeeding but I thought that was so funny.)


Liam–“I had a nightmare that I actually enjoyed.”


Liam–“Our house was on fire and we were trying to get out but our stairs were really weird.”

(On multiple occasions, I wish I could use emojis in my posts to emphasize my feelings about stuff. This statement would be one of those occasions. What a creepy thing to say!)

If you made it all the way through this post, I applaud you! Thanks for reading! Have a good day!

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