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January iPhone photos

It’s so crazy that we’re already into the second month of 2015. Judging by my iPhone pictures, January was filled with junk food. And trust me, that is pretty much reality. February is an exciting month for us–we will be finding out the baby’s gender next week! So I’m assuming the next week will go by very slowly. 
(If you follow me on instagram, most of these are repeats..)
Maggi gifted this beautiful prayer journal to me this past Christmas. It is really helpful to be able to see needs written out in front of you.
val marie paper prayer journal


the boys and I always love to wake up to see boxes of donuts on the counter
donut varieties


Stephanie gave me this devotional. I highly recommend it–seriously encouraging.
And this mug cookie from my favorite food blog has been my go-to quick dessert lately. It is seriously good and only takes a few minutes to whip up. The first time I made it, it was kind of crumbly. But she added a note to the recipe to help prevent that. And it is so good. Check out her other recipes as well. Mel never lets me down. 
paul david tripp devotional


her pigtails are my favorite
little girl sitting on floor


an afternoon outing with a good friend and good food was much needed this month
burgers and fries


ice cream cone
16 weeks and already starting to feel those tiny baby kicks
16 week bumpdate


this picture kind of demonstrates why I don’t have many pictures of all 4 kids together
4 kids


Lion’s Choice cones are always a good choice
lions choice ice cream cones


 while shopping at Target, Kingston saw this coat in the girl’s section and yelled “Chewbacca coat!!” He had to try it on.
chewbacca coat


This past Wednesday marked 17 weeks for me. It also was the day I had my first root canal. If anyone wants to know, it wasn’t as painful as most people describe (and I am a wimp) but I have been absolutely traumatized reliving those 45 minutes in my brain. I’m not sure what they’re actually doing during a root canal, and I don’t want to know, but I am so grossed out by even guessing.  
17 week bumpdate


but since I didn’t cry (like I thought I would) I thought I deserved a QT pretzel
large pretzel


donuts with sprinkles


I’m looking forward to learning more about photography this year so I can pass some helpful tips to Liam. He’s already learning to find the natural light. 
photographer in training

So, one week left until we find out the gender…any guesses?

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