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It’s the Holiday Season

The other night, Maggi asked if I would be interested in going to see the holiday decorated train that was coming to Union Station for a few hours. I thought the boys would really like it so we looked up some other places to visit in the city and made a day of it.

We started out at the Courthouse. We heard it was decorated for Christmas. Well, that may have been an overstatement. While it had a few decorations, it was in no way decked out. But we did stay for a short while for some old English dancing.
This is how I always see Maggi now, with a camera in hand.
kid jumping
my friend

After that we shot over to Union Station. This whole day was planned with that train in mind. The funny thing is that we didn’t actually stop to look at it. There were tons and tons of people there. We ventured inside and got cookies with Mrs. Claus instead.

Kai was too scared to go over by her.
kids sitting with mrs claus
After indulging in a few more free samples, we headed to the City Gardens to see it all lit up. I’m pretty sure half the lights weren’t working. But these light globes were pretty neat.
glowing colored spheres at city garden
So the moral of the story–none of the events were that grand. But we had a good, cold time!
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