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I can be your hero baby!

Why yes, I did use Enrique Iglesias lyrics for my blog title. Thanks for asking.

Anyway, tonight was Action Hero night at Chickfila. Dress like an action hero, get a free kids meal. Naturally, we hear the word ‘free’ and we are in!
Evangeline really rocked her costume tonight! I made a felt mask for her today and she did great with it! She acted like she didn’t even notice it. She has been obsessed with sticking out her tongue this past week. I think she just realized it was there. I took her outside for a photoshoot and had a hard time narrowing down the pictures. She was so cute for all of them! So I’ll post a few on here–just because I can
cute baby girl
diy girl superhero costume
superhero costume for baby girl
But in the end, I chose this one for Instagram
cute baby superhero girl
The Lovings let Liam use their Spider-man costume. He won the costume contest! A couple of neat glow sticks, a Captain America washcloth, and a free kids meal coupon.
kids spiderman costum
liam 2
Kai was Superman, complete with Superman’s hairdo. Kai called the little curl in front his ‘hoop.’
kids superman costume

I thought about doing a simple Batman costume for Kingston. He has a batman shirt. But I decided to go with a different idea for him. I chose Han Solo, because obviously he is pretty cool–at least according to Maggi. Kingston pulled of the look pretty well. This costume was put together super last minute with only the stuff he had in his drawer.

homemade han solo outfit for toddler

The boys had a great time! We got their picture (minus Kingston) with some of the workers, dressed as super heroes. CFA had a photographer taking pictures. So I’ll have one whenever they email that one to me.

We had to run some errands afterwards. I think the boys loved running errands in their costumes. Fun times!
I’ll post a family camp blog soon. However, I barely took any pictures. Let’s just say that technology was put away for the weekend, and that was nice! But that means no pictures 🙁
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