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Happy Birthday Kingston!

Guess what Kingston learned to do on Friday night? He learned to climb out of his crib. (He also used his potty chair too! But that was an isolated event.) I have been dreading the day that Kingston would have to move to his brothers’ room. Neither of the other boys had been in a crib as long as Kingston. But I just didn’t feel he was ready. And I wasn’t ready for the lack of sleep that would result from the move.
When we discovered that he could now climb out of the crib, we decided it was time to move to the big boys’ room.
Saturday was Kingston’s birthday and his first night to share a room with Liam and Kai. And you know what? He did just fine! He only got out of bed once. He looked so sweet laying between his brothers, ready to sleep next to them. We moved Liam to the top bunk the next night. And Evangeline is now in the crib. Everyone is adjusting well to the bed switches. Evangeline went to bed at 9pm last night and just woke up at noon! I’d say she loves her crib.
Anyway, since I was at the Beatles tribute show half the day on Kingston’s birthday, we had his party on Sunday afternoon.
I probably should have done a better job about taking pictures. We had an ice cream party with lots of delicious toppings. Kingston had a great time!
brothers playing outside
mom and toddler boy
mom and birthday boy
birthday boy
It got up to the 70s that day, so thankfully the kids were able to play (and eat) on the deck.
kids birthday party

I was hoping to get the shindig started earlier to have good lighting for pictures, but it didn’t start as early as planned.

The kids loved the gummy bears on their ice cream.
boy with ice cream cone
And Maggi loved the sprinkles.
woman and ice cream

Even though Kingston has been the most work so far, we have loved these 2 years with him. He is wild and energetic. He loves to give kisses, read, and growl. He has the stinkiest feet known to mankind. He loves to enthusiastically say the word “fun!” when he’s having a good time. He likes to aggravate Kai but he also loves to play with his brothers. He loves his baby sister (“gully”) and loves to kiss her.

When he’s staying out of trouble, he is a lot of fun 🙂
We love our little Kingston guy!
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