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Guest Post by Don

Tonight I asked Don to do a “guest post.” He told me a Liam story tonight that I thought was cute but it just felt too weird to post his story. I figured it would be better coming from him. So, then I decided that I’m going to make him write guest posts from time to time.

And now, let me introduce you to: Mr. Donald Roberts

Tonight as I (Don) was getting Liam and Kai’s toothbrushes ready for them before bedtime, Liam was slowly coming up the stairs and saying goodnight to Jessica fairly loudly. I told him that he needed to talk quieter because Evangeline was asleep up in our room. He said, “Oh yeah, and Kingston too!”. I said, “Yeah, Evangeline and Kingston are both going night night so you need to be quiet”. Liam replied by saying, “Ooo! Double trouble!”

No Idea where that came from, but it was super cute and very funny.

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