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gender reveal photo shoot…or not

So for months I’ve been convinced I was having a girl. I guess I had most people around me convinced of the same thing too, so coming up with ideas for a gender reveal photo shoot was a lot of fun. In case you somehow missed the announcement, Roberts baby #5 is actually a boy! To say we were shocked would be an understatement. You see, this pregnancy was exactly like the last one (a girl) and so not like the 3 boy pregnancies I’ve had.

So that leads me to the explanation of the following pictures–unless you don’t want an explanation. In that case…just scroll down…

First let me say that I know some people would think that any special “gender reveal” is going overboard. Especially when it’s your 5th child. I actually debated doing anything special because I was worried about what people would think. But since I think every child should be celebrated (whether the 1st or the 15th) and I love photography, I wanted to do some fun portraits this time around.

I had a few different ideas in my head that were all dependent on how the weather was cooperating. And when we had a 63 degree coming up just days before my ultrasound, I knew that I wanted to grab some paint and paint my face for some fun portraits.

The problem–

Okay, so with not actually knowing if it was a boy or girl, I knew we were going to have to do both sets of pictures. But painting my face, taking pictures, washing it off, reapplying makeup, repainting with a different color, retaking pictures…it all just seemed like too much of a hassle. I mean, I KNEW I was having a girl anyway. So I decided to make the pink paint a priority and come up with a different idea for the boy pictures…you know, just in case.

But I ran into a few problems with running late and finding the supplies I needed for the boy pictures. No big deal–I only really need the girl pictures. Right?

Long story short, (because yes, there actually is more to the story) Rachel, my super talented friend who took all of the photos for me, was able to do a quick little photoshop job to make a couple of the pink pictures blue for me. I think she did an amazing job and I was so very happy with how the pictures turned out. **Also, I should add that she got engaged the day after taking these (YAY!!) and I’m super excited for her and Chris. It added to the craziness with the pictures–but for a very good reason 🙂

So now for the very wrong colored gender reveal photo shoot (just think of it as a little Valentine’s themed shoot instead!!)

gender reveal photo shoot
 the pink wig–it was fun to temporarily have neon hair
pink wig gender reveal


gender reveal ideas


maternity shot


heart shaped hands


gender reveal photo shoot ideas

gender reveal pregnancy photoshoot

pregnant woman smiling


maternity photo shoot


that would be my “oh my, I was so wrong” face
pink hair with pink paint on face for gender reveal

So after all my pink themed pictures, I just have to say–
happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

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