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February iPhone photos (part 2)

A few more iPhone pictures from February…
When the kids are away, I can load my pancakes with chocolate chips and butter and eat in silence. 
chocolate chip cancakes


It’s pretty cool that Liam can write his own books and then read them to his siblings
kids reading


Liam dreamed up this photo for us
mom and son


when pretzel cravings line up with the sudden urge to bake.
**with a little photobombing from baby #5
pregnancy cravings
Evangeline’s Dorthy vibes called for a little photoshoot
cute bother and sister


My kids have some big personalities. I love them.
funny little girl


funny pose from little boy


It has come to the point that I can do things like this and my kids don’t even think I’m strange. They seriously walked by and said “oh, mommy is just organizing the Fruit Loops.”
rainbow cereal


I’ve already mentioned it before–but I have the honor of being one of Maggi’s bridesmaids…4 days before my due date! Yikes! Praying that this baby is not early!!
wedding planning


Finishing out the month with the illusion of a cozy snow day. Sometimes I’m glad that you can’t hear all the crazy that happens in the background of pictures.
hot chocolate and biscottis


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