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February iPhone photos (part 1)

Have I mentioned my desire to be somewhere warm and beachy? If so, I think it’s worth mentioning again. I love the look of snow…but that’s pretty much where any degree of my love for winter ends.

Don went out this afternoon…one of those last minute crazy people fighting the crowds at Walmart. But the snow has been coming down steadily and the item he needed to buy was kind of important. Anyway, by the time he gets home, there are multiple cars stuck in the snow along our street. Things didn’t get any better when his car also got stuck in the middle of the street…right in front of our house. Ironically, the item he went out to buy was a shovel. Thankfully we have the best neighbors in the world. They were able to push him along to get out of the middle of the street. Now I’m just praying the roads are a little better as he drives to work tonight and home in the morning. (**before I finished writing this, he was able to make it safely to work…though the roads were pretty horrible)

I may not have pulled my dslr out very much lately but I did pull out my iPhone on plenty of occasions. So many occasions, in fact, that I’m going to break up this month’s pictures over two posts. I know–what a thrilling thought!

You may have thought (hoped) I was done with pictures from my photoshoot with Rachel a few weeks back. I’m not. But maybe after this post?
apricot studio


gender reveal


maternity pictures
gender reveal ideas


those smiles make me smile
cute kids


I know I’ve posted this one already. But it needs an encore. Someone in this picture needed a nap and didn’t like that I wouldn’t let her hold my phone.
large family group shot


the week before Valentine’s Day gets overloaded with everything heart-shaped and pink
valentines day cookies


**and after
pink valentines day cookies


 homemade nutella/hershey’s poptarts for Valentine’s breakfast
homemade heart shaped poptarts




this face is almost too much to handle
cute little girl laughing
We were able to go out the night before Valentine’s Day because of some very “Loving” girls who watched a whole army of kids at church that night. My idea of a fun night out is to go thrifting. Thankfully my husband agreed. But I had to laugh as I found myself in the fitting room a few times that evening as he waited on me.
fitting room selfie


and ice cream at Ginny’s is a must
huge chocolate ice cream cone


The rest of that weekend we were able to relax at home while the kids were away. But I did force Don to go outside to take a few pictures together in the snow.
married couple black and white picture
married couple


wife kissing husband
This snow storm is a little less relaxing with the kids at home. But if all goes as planned, tomorrow should be a fun day of playing in the snow and eating homemade ice cream and snow cones! And I really wouldn’t have it any other way.


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