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A couple of weeks back, I asked Rachel to take a few family photos for us. I had won a free canvas print online and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to get a good family picture for our wall. Side note–Don just won us another free canvas print yesterday! We love contests in our house. Another side note (that I forgot to mention in my last post)–the kids won first place on Halloween in the costume contest. That means they are two year reigning champions! Like I said, we love contests.

Anyway, Rachel did a fantastic job, as always. I definitely owe her big for putting up with our family and our inability to take a “normal” family picture.

Roberts family pictures 1


I’m considering one or both of these for the canvases 
Roberts family pictures 2


Roberts family pictures 3


Don and Jessica




Kingston and Evangeline


Liam and Kai


Roberts family pictures 4


Roberts family pictures 5
Roberts family pictures 6


Sometimes you just have to give them suckers and have a good time with your photoshoot. I’ve moved past having high expectations and have learned that as long as we can all get in the same shot without tears, we’re good. 
Roberts family pictures 7


Roberts family pictures 8


Roberts family pictures 9


mother and baby


large family blog


husband and wife


4 kids


 Thanks again, Rachel! I owe you!!


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