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family camp (part two)

After a busy weekend, I’m back to share some more pictures from Family Camp. My first post revolved around the times we spent indoors. The second day was cold and rainy but we were not going to let it get in the way.
At Rockport, we don’t mess around. Slip n slide and basketball in the rain.
boy and girl sliding down soapy water slide


**note that most had jackets and umbrellas. then there was the girl in a swim suit in the background
boy holding umbrella


diy slip n slide


sprayed by water hose

I’ve never taken pictures of sports before and I do have to say that it was pretty fun. I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon though.

outdoor activities
black and white basketball
Lots of spectators with their umbrellas
woman holding umbrella


rainy day 2


sharing an umbrella


group of people standing in the rain


sitting in the rain


church camp


rainy day 4
playing backetball in the rain


black and white photography


rainy basketball at church camp


rainy day basketball at camp



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