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dinner with Grandma

For Christmas each year, all my Grandma’s kids and grandkids sign up for a “dinner of the month” with her. Our family chose April this year. Unfortunately, April was also the month that 4 of us got diagnosed with strep throat, spread out over a few weeks. So we didn’t make it over there until May 2nd.
I know I’ve said it before–but I love my Grandma’s house/yard. It’s so picturesque and filled with memories.

grandma and 2 boys holding chicken


boy and chicken


little boy and chicken


boy swinging on tire swing


doorway covered in vines and leaves


cute purple flowers


boy climbing ladder


vintage red tricycle




Apparently ‘Brownie’ loves to eat worms as my Grandma digs. The boys had fun digging up some worms for her to eat.
kids shovel

boy digging in dirt

little boy holding purple flower


dad and baby


cute baby girl sitting on bench


Such a fun evening with Grandma Hunn!

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