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cream art

Having a good memory can be a blessing and a curse. Liam has the best memory. Sometimes it’s so good, I think I would believe him if he said he remembered his own birth. So the day I told him “maybe someday we can make puffy paint out of shaving cream” I should have realized that he was going to remind me every day until we did it. 
So finally, the other day, I mixed up some unwanted shaving cream, glue, and food coloring so we could make “cream art” (as Liam calls it.) I spent far too much time making multiple shades. If I ever decide to be brave enough to do this again, I think I would skip adding glue to the mixture and I would only make 2-3 colors. All the kids really cared about was making a mess anyway.
And as with the majority of situations, I took probably more pictures than necessary. But hey, I love these kids.
colorful puffy paint


toddler painting


blue cream paint


childrens artwork


little boy painting


boy painting


kids activities


boy smiling


toddler boy with paint on hands


kingston 2


kids art


childs painting


It was all fun and games until they realized the texture is awesome for finger painting
finger painting


kids paint with fingers


young boy with messy hands
then it got a little out of hand (pun wasn’t originally intended–but now that I typed it, I think it’s hilarious)
kai 2


kids having fun with paint
boys love getting messy

At this point, paint was starting to get all over the chairs and table. So I declared art time over and threw them into the bath. The water was a gorgeous shade by the time they were done! And the blue only stained their skin for a few short hours.
The moral of the story is that it’ll be a long time until we do this again. But they loved it!

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