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Cow Appreciation Day

Two posts in one day?! I know. Just wanted to share my pictures from cow appreciation day. I’m always really bad about getting pictures of our family when we all dress up. So these are the best I have. I did a little photoshoot with Evangeline for the contest on Chick-fil-a’s website. Not likely that she’ll win but it was fun anyway. I tried the chargrilled chicken club or something. It had bacon and cheese on it. Not impressed. I’m trying really hard to enjoy grilled chicken. I think the wrap was better when I tried that. Oh well! At least it was free!

I was asked if the boys were triplets tonight. That’s a first. People are always asking if Liam and Kai are twins but I’ve never been asked about triplets. To be fair, Kingston’s back was turned to her and he was standing on the chair. The boys were sitting. And she was a sweet old lady so I didn’t make fun of her for the mistake 🙂

baby wearing cow costume
cow costume for baby
It was hard to choose which picture to use for the contest. I narrowed it down to 14 but I ended up using the one below. (I started with a couple hundred! Yikes!)
chickfila photo contest
boy wearing home made cow costume
diy cow costume for kids
home made cow costume for kids
cow appreciation day at chickfila
Evangeline really enjoyed our trip out for dinner.
sleeping newborn baby girl
We did dress up. You just can’t see much of it
married couple

Always a fun time at Chick-Fil-A events! Looking forward to another opening soon!!

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