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Christmas cookies

Yesterday was the annual cookie making day at the Roberts household (I think we need some cool name for this!) This year I was smart enough to wait for a time that Don could help. I was also smart enough to have Don pick up some store bought cookie dough. Not enough time for homemade this year. And it made things so much easier! 
I’ve been working on getting some video clips of this Christmas season that I hope to put together next week. So for the cookies, I mostly got video clips but I did take a few photos to share. 
And, of course, elf jammies were required. Because we only have a few more days of acceptable use before they’ll be “out of season.” (not that we’ll stop rocking them anyway!) And they make pictures and videos look so much more festive!
cutting cookies
cutting cookies
kids making christmas cookies 3


kids making christmas cookies 4
kids making christmas cookies 5
colorful cookie icing iphone picture
decorating christmas cookies


family christmas


dad kissing baby, father kissing son


decorating christmas cookies


kai smiling with christmas cookies


After our cookie decorating, we celebrated with our friend, Merri, for her 18th birthday. At the end of the night, the boys were saying “this day was so much fun! I wish every day could be like today!” And I have to say, I agree.
children looking at christmas cookies


children looking at christmas cookies


children looking at christmas cookies

Today the kids and I had the opportunity to go spend a few hours at the Covering House. The girls had been asking to have the kids over for a play date. And since they are doing their 12 days of Christmas celebration, I talked to the girls about bravery again. You may remember my post about it last year. As I shared on instagram, I had some worries about how I was going to explain things to my kids if they had questions. (why are the girls living in this house and not with their families?) But when we got there, all they cared about was that the girls are sweet and fun and love to play–and it didn’t hurt that they had a lot of fun toys and games that we don’t have. So we had a great time! And just like last year, I would like to encourage you to find a way to get involved–donations are always a great way to help!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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