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April Recap

Looking through all my April pictures really has me missing the warm, DRY days. Missouri has so much flooding right now. So on this chilly, rainy day, it’s the perfect time to recap April and dream of the nice weather returning!

Sometimes I try to get a picture and can’t decide which one is my favorite. Usually I pick one and the others never get any love. And sometimes I make a collage of some of my favorites.

And usually I have to work really hard to keep Desmond from photobombing the picture haha. Speaking of Desmond, his favorite thing to do right now is to stand at the window and point out every bird or car that he sees.

Spring is my favorite (probably because I don’t suffer with allergies) and I really have been loving getting out of the house with all the kids. I know I’ve mentioned this before but it’s just become such a breeze to get out with the whole family. I used to feel frazzled, frantically counting children in busy places. But I feel like we’ve finally found our groove. I’m already looking forward to getting out next weekend!

These lemon pictures were taken for a company that ended up using a different picture of mine but I couldn’t just not post them. Also, I just realized that they aren’t even iphone photos so I kind of cheated.

And of course the Easter bunny ears were worn frequently over the month of April!

Our church has this very hip distressed white wall on the side that has become a favorite spot for taking pictures haha. I love that Clem and her BFF, Mabel, are starting young with their pictures in front of it. Also, I love Mabel’s big personality. It’ll be fun to see how Clem responds to it when she’s a bit older. Mabel always lights up when she sees Clem and it is the sweetest thing in the world.//Also–baby bffs with their mama bffs.

I’m pretty sure I already posted about it here but our front door got a little makeover recently. I asked the kids if they wanted one more picture in front of the teal door before I painted and they ran outside and did this–I love it!//And now I’m loving the pink door!

Clem was outgrowing her bassinet and started rolling over in her swaddle so she was upgraded to a big crib recently and was cut off from swaddling. She is doing great! And now I stop to take a picture pretty much every time I pass her because there’s no sweeter sight!

In addition to Kai’s birthday at the beginning of April, we celebrated Don’s on the 25th. Our new birthday tradition is going out for donuts! Evangeline’s birthday is on Friday. Since Don works that morning, we may need to have a backup plan. But you better believe that plan will involve donuts!

And if you don’t get Clem’s letterboard reference, I don’t know if we can be friends. Just kidding 😉 Don didn’t understand it either. Just look up Justin Timberlake and “it’s gonna be May” and you can join in on the inside joke. But you better be prepared to enjoy the joke next year!

I’ll leave you with Kids Say and our Month in a Minute videos. If you only have time to watch one, I would definitely recommend Don’s because his is always much better haha. I hope you have a great week, without any flooding!


The balloon guy at Culver’s, making conversation with Liam…
Balloon guy–“So who brought you here?”


Liam–“Today I washed out my toothbrush with flamin’ hot water.”


Liam–“mommy, can I ask you a question.”
Me–“yeah, what is it?”
Liam–“if there was a guy in town who was like the best at juggling..and then another guy who is also good at juggling comes to that town, is it good or bad if you say that the first guy is still better at juggling.”
Me–“well, that wouldn’t be very kind to say that to someone.”
Liam–“I know. I just mean is it okay to think that?”
Me–“yeah, that’s fine if you think that.”


While it was raining–
Evangeline–“Look! The windows are drooling!”


Kingston–“Mommy, when I touch my boo boo it feels like a pokey-pine. It feels like it shots me.”


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March Recap

The past few days have been a bit crazy–more sickness and then Kai’s birthday–so I’m a little behind with the March recap. BUT! I have a few entries for Kids Say this month! So those will be at the end of the post. So without further ado, here’s the recap for March…starting with some iphone photos!

These kids–they’re the cutest, I tell you! But if they could just stop passing germs back and forth, I’d really appreciate it, ya know?

This picture of Evangeline reminds me of a Glamour Shots photo haha. Raise your hand if you ever had Glamour Shots taken **hand raised–yep, #noregrets//The two bottom photos on this set pretty much sum up most of March–sickness and sleeping.

These pictures below were all taken on the same day. Clem’s fever shot up to 104.7 on a Saturday night and she was not on our insurance at that point. So I frantically texted my nurse friend to figure out what I should do. Ultimately I decided to stay home and wait it out because she was eating well and wasn’t dehydrated so I didn’t feel like the hospital could really do anything except for charge us thousands of dollars for sitting in a room. Thankfully her fever went down the next day. But I did take advantage of her sickness by getting some pictures of her while she was sleeping unswaddled. She’s officially 6 months old now and still will only sleep if she’s swaddled up–unless shes very sick, of course.

While we were battling the flu, we also were trying to make a video for the beddy’s contest (voting ends tonight at midnight!) Only the top 10 will move on for judging and unfortunately, I don’t think ours will make it 🙁 I am pretty positive that people are buying votes (did you even know that was a real thing?! I didn’t find out until yesterday!) But the contest hosts aren’t really doing much to stop it. I have to be real with you, after they told me that they couldn’t do much about it, I briefly considered buying votes to give us a chance. I know–that’s horrible. But I realized that just because other people were getting away with cheating, it didn’t make it right for me to cheat as well. I’m kind of nervous just admitting that here–my sinful, tempted-to-cheat thoughts–but I’m just trying to be real with you. I’m just an ordinary person, with faults, like everyone else. Anyway, after that long paragraph–if you would like to vote for us and share it with your friends, we’d really appreciate it!

Oh, and that ^^^chubby baby in the sink with our new Tubby Todd in a huge pump bottle!! It makes bath time sooo much easier now. (I feel like I always have to follow up with “**not an ad” after a post like this but it really has been so helpful!

The many faces of Clem. Her smiles are the most contagious thing ever!!

So, a little story–I keep going back and forth with wanting bangs/afraid to get them. So I bought a $5 clip in set from ebay. I kept laughing at myself because I feel like they make me look like the female member of The Beatles. But Clem rocked them, for sure!//and that bottom right picture–Desmond found the steamer and was cuddling with it and we couldn’t stop laughing. I’m so glad I was able to capture a picture.

Even though I’ve been discouraged a bit with our never-ending sickness, I can’t help but be so thankful that these sicknesses are just little sicknesses. We landed in the doctor’s office a few times this month but we were sent home with nothing much to worry about. My dear friend, Rose, is sitting in the hospital right now with her 3 month old baby, who has Trisomy 18 and is currently battling for her life with RSV. To babies with T18, even a tiny little cold can be fatal. I can’t imagine being in Rose’s place right now. So if you could pray for her and her precious baby, I would so appreciate it. You can also follow along with her journey on her Loving Lavender Facebook page.

A couple weeks ago we were able to celebrate at my Grandma’s house for her 86th birthday! I’m always amazed by that woman and the energy she has. And her house/property is one of my very favorite places.

I apologize for being long winded today! So much going on in my mind right now. Anyway, if you have a minute (or two 😉 ) here are mine and Don’s videos for March. And below, a few quotes from my kids from March. I REALLY hope to get back to blogging more regularly–I have lots to share.  But I always say that–so we’ll see.

I hope you’re having a great week!

Kids Say

As Don unswaddled Clementine…
Don–“Are you free now?”
Evangeline–“No, she’s zero!”


Kingston–“Is it snack time?”
Me–“Yeah, you need to have something healthy for a snack.”
Kingston–“So, like, can we have another piece of chocolate?”


Liam–“All of the Lovings have had their arms fall off before!”
Don–“You mean they broke their arms?”


I took Evangeline’s temperature and it was 101.1°. When she saw the thermometer light up red, she got excited and threw her fists in the air and said “yes! I have a ‘Justin Bieber!'” (She meant fever–not sure how she got that wrong)


Me–“Are you allergic to donuts?”
Kingston–“No. I’m not allergic to anything…except everything that I don’t like.”

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February Recap

I feel like 2017 is playing a joke on us. Since the beginning of the year (actually, it started a few days prior) we have passed different sicknesses back and forth through our family. I think we have MAYBE had one full week without someone getting sick. The kids and I usually have pretty tough immune systems–and really, I haven’t been sick much–but Don and the kids have been getting sick on repeat. Don is just getting over one week of fevers and flu symptoms and now Kingston and Clementine have fevers. Someone send me pizza and ice cream, please! I have a feeling the next few weeks will be tough.

But let’s focus on February! Because February gave us beautiful spring-like weather that made me so happy inside.


Watching the 5 big kids line up on the couch for popcorn and a movie is one of my favorite sights. We have always tried to majorly limit screen time but Don’s evening shifts have been feeling very long. So sometimes I throw on a movie to get me through the evenings by myself. One of these days life won’t seem so overwhelming but for now, it doesn’t hurt to throw in some screen time to give me some sanity.

I love all these little faces. Clem lights up when someone pays attention to her.

Sometimes the kids tolerate group shots. How long do you think they’ll let me do them? (especially with all the hugs and kisses? haha)

My favorite thing about these pictures is that it looks more like spring than winter. Winter is my least favorite so I’m glad we’re almost through with it.

We went to Forest Park and the Graffiti Wall last week on a super nice day. We picked up a sub sandwich and ate in front of the Grand Basin and let the kids run around. It was something we all needed so very badly.

Kingston put his underwear on his head and asked me to take a picture (and send it to his uncle haha) so I feel like it’s fair game to post on the internet, right?

Instagram has a weekend hashtag project every weekend with a new theme. I usually like to join in if I can put together a photo with minimal effort. This past weekend, the theme was “colorful.” The picture of the kids lined up in rainbow colors is now one of my favorite pictures!//And Clem has a new BFF (Willow the deer) that I will be sharing about soon! It’s so sweet to watch her hug and kiss her doll.

And we are still keeping up with our Month in a Minute projects! It’s a really fun project that I would encourage others to try. Even the moments that seem mundane become really fun to go back and watch.

Happy March and happy (almost) spring!!!!!!!