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Our Darling Clementine is One!

Two days ago, on October 4th, Clementine Eloise turned 1 year old! It seems like I should be used to how fast time goes by but this past year has absolutely been the fastest of them all.

Ever since Clementine was tiny, I dreamt of a clementine themed first birthday party. I daydreamed about different decorations and foods. And in my mind, it was all perfect. But as the months went by, and our calendar filled up, I realized how difficult it would be to plan and execute an entire party during this busy season. So I decided that we would just do a little cake smash photo shoot with all her siblings watching and cheering her on.

Party Details: I collaborated with Fancy Free Finery for Clementine’s cake topper and headband. The colors that Katie (owner of FFF) chose were perfect and truly completed my vision!//The romper is a thrift store find from a few years ago. The tag says h&m.//Shoes are from Starry Knight Design.//And the clementine felt garland is something I had custom made by Hooray Everyday before Clementine was born.

Of course my “easy” photoshoot wouldn’t have been complete without last minute driving around to stores to get supplies. But in the end, everything turned out how I pictured. Well, except Clementine’s reaction–which I’ll get to in a minute.

Being the classy baker that I am, I splurged on a box cake mix and icing in a can for her cake. I dressed it up with the finest of faux greenery and rested my masterpiece upon a wooden (I think it’s supposed to be a base for a DIY clock) base. And of course, topped with our beautiful cake topper from Fancy Free Finery.

Oh yeah! The balloons! The balloons were basically the inspiration for the whole thing. After finding inspiration for our gender reveal from the Oh Happy Day instagram feed, I scrolled through their pictures and it gave me the idea to make a clementine with balloons. As far as I know, they have never made a clementine so there were no instructions. But it’s obviously pretty easy and doesn’t require a DIY. The hardest part was just keeping the balloons stuck to the wall because their weight was a bit heavy for the tape. 

This picture of her walking/running away pretty much describes her personality currently. She’s still about 50/50 with walking and crawling but she loves to practice her walk. And she finds that the best time to practice is when I’m trying to get pictures of her. So that’s fun.

It may not show on these first pictures as much, but Clementine was actually sick on her birthday. She was one of the unlucky few in our family that got hit with the stomach bug. I could tell she was not acting like her normal self but it became pretty clear when she threw up later that day. Poor baby girl! I’m glad that we managed to get a few happy pictures of her though!

The picture of Clem with her parents, taken by Kai ^^ It totally cracks me up because she wanted nothing to do with it.

We actually started taking pictures in the high chair but she kept crying. So then we attempted on the floor. Then she kept crawling away. Since she had just woken up from a nap and hadn’t had any real food, I ended up feeding her a bit in hopes of her destroying her cake afterwards.

I did manage to capture a few smiles. But overall, she did not enjoy the experience. The one chance I give her to go crazy and make a mess–and she is not interested at all. She hated being messy.

After a little bit, we gave her a fork and she cheered up for a couple of minutes…


Until she finally realized that, nope! She didn’t enjoy this all. Cake smash fail! But I got some adorable pictures…so is it really a fail? You decide!

This past year with Clem in our lives has been the best year! We have loved having her sweet personality in our home, making all of us smile daily. We are all 100% obsessed with her. I have a hard time imagining her being a big sister but I know she will grow into her role beautifully. To the little one year old who wakes me up every morning by saying “mama, mama, mama,” we love you dearly and we’re so blessed to have you in our family!

If you want to read Clementine’s birth story, click HERE.

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Fall Family Photos

Last weekend we attempted to take a few family photos now that we have an adorable new addition to our family. Not wanting to bother our photographer friends, we decided to use the good ol’ self timer method. Surprisingly, it is much easier to get the kids to smile for the self timed camera than for anyone taking photos for us (even though I prefer the end results from an actual photographer.) But running back and forth for the shot is not easy so we only took a few. This was the first one we took and it just so happened to be my favorite.


Desmond has decided that he hates to sit/stand still for any picture he’s supposed to be in. But as soon as I try to set up to take a picture of Clementine, can you guess who I have to repeatedly remove from the picture? (after I get a few with him in it, of course.) So these pictures were super exciting to try to take. What you don’t see is Don placing him back in the picture about 10 different times before I finally decided these were good enough.




I’m laughing just thinking of them looking back at this picture in about 10-15 years.


I was really smart and forgot to trim Evangeline’s bangs until the day AFTER we took these. So the poor thing could barely see around the hair hanging in her eyes.


Probably my favorite picture from the bunch–the joy on her face.




We chose this specific location for 2 reasons. 1) Because we went to a popular park on a nice Sunday night and it was filled with people taking family photos. So this was really the only available spot. 2) This gorgeous tree. The funny thing is that it didn’t even make it into our pictures. So I had to include the 2 that showed it off.

That double chin and those chubby cheeks make her look bigger than she really is in real life. I think each person who sees her in real life after only seeing her in photos is surprised by how tiny and dainty she is.

And this is the reality of our photoshoot with a one year old.

Don’t let imperfections stop you from capturing pictures and sharing. We may never have a picture perfect family but that will never stop me from taking a billion pictures.

The good news is that if the weather cooperates, we may get to do some legit family photos with Rachel for my birthday on Tuesday!

Enjoy your weekend!