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It’s been over two weeks since I last posted anything here. December just always seems so busy. After adding in the shorter daylight hours (which becomes depressing) and 1st trimester exhaustion, I have pretty much been avoiding it. I have also had an ongoing headache for almost two weeks now. Tylenol does not do a thing–but I keep taking it to feel like I’m doing something. I’ve also been using peppermint oil with no success. I think essential oils only work for people who are not skeptical. So if anyone has any advice or a great (low priced) chiropractor to recommend, let me know!

Anyway, on to more fun stuff! For many months, a few of us girls have talked about getting together to play around with some studio lighting in our friend Rachel’s basement. She picked up some gold sequin fabric a couple of weeks ago so we finally got a chance to snap a few pictures. All four of us took turns taking pictures on the same memory card so I can’t be sure who took which picture.

gold backdrop


group shot




glitter always makes everything a lot more fun
glitter falling down


confetti falling




gold sparkle background

My friends are the best!
Happy Christmas break!

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St. Louis, my city (video)

In my last post, I mentioned my love for the NYC guide video series by Naomi from Love Taza. I thought it would be so fun to do one for St. Louis. I asked Maggi if she would let me record her walking around the city. She graciously agreed, knowing that the quality wouldn’t be the best. The problem? Narrowing down where you want to go. We decided to start with the downtown area. 

I know I’m going to regret linking back to the NYC guide because mine ended up being nowhere near how good that one is. But I had a lot of fun making it. I’m thankful for a friend who will walk back and forth for me all day.