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boys are crazy

The kids were gone over the past couple of days which makes for a very quiet house. I forgot that silence like that even existed. I missed them while they were gone, but that level of relaxation hasn’t happened for 6 1/2 years, so it was much appreciated!

I know I usually think that it can be hard to get anything done with children in the house. But the past couple of days have shown me how hard it is to get anything done when children are NOT in the house! When you can sit under a blanket and watch it snow without interruption, it is extremely hard to be motivated to do anything else.
The other day, I was trying to explain to someone why life with boys is a little crazier than life with girls. I get are going to be wild and full of energy either way. But I would say that boys are just built with more of an intensity to them. And when you have more than one boy, that intensity is…..intensified. 

These pictures from a few days ago are here to serve as an illustration. They put couch cushions at the bottom of the stairs and were jumping down (sometimes from halfway up the stairs.) I was going to stop them but decided I had to document it first. Surprisingly, no one got hurt…this time.

boy jumping down stairs




young boy jumping down stairs

So check back with me in a couple of years and make sure I’m still sane. Because I’m pretty sure my sanity slips away on a daily basis!

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