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Book it!

Yesterday was the annual Non-Halloween party at the Lee house. This year, since we had a book theme, we were supposed to dress as book characters.

Since the boys have been really into Peter Pan lately, we went as Peter and his crew.
It was a lot of fun piecing all the costumes together with things we already had at home plus a few thrift store purchases.
diy peter pan and captain hook costumes
diy tinker bell costume
diy mr smee costums
homemade captain hook costume
home made peter pan outfit
Kai had a good time with his costume
captain hook and mr smee costumes for kids
Don and I dressed up as Jonathan and Wendy Darling
big family dressed as peter pan characters
Maggi, Mary Kate, and I went out to the cold to take dorky pictures
friends 2
Maggi was Madeline and Mary Kate was a Star Trek person. She took the easy way out ๐Ÿ™‚
friends 3
Marissa showed up dressed as Peter Pan. Miranda was her shadow. Cute idea!
liam and friends
peter pan and shadow costumes

There were other cute costumes that I failed to photograph. I wish I was better about it but it becomes difficult to photograph everything when you have kids to watch.

We get one more use out of these costumes this week!
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