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Belly Button Picker

A quick post to capture a few things about the boys that I want to remember. I was thinking about the boys last night and there was something about each of them that I knew I would probably forget if I didn’t type them out.
Like the way Liam has been stopping randomly to massage my feet….multiple times a day. It actually feels pretty good but we will make sure his hands get stronger ๐Ÿ™‚ He knows how happy it makes me and is just being my sweet boy.
And the way Kai tells me multiple times a day “Mommy, I love you!” And flashes one of his huge cheesy smiles. He also has been telling Don “Daddy, I love you” or “daddy, I missed you.” So sweet to hear those words.
And Kingston, who is 15 months old and still refuses to actually say a single word, has been developing his own personality that I love! He also has an obsession with picking at his belly button. I mean, 80% of his waking time (I just randomly picked a high number for the percentage) he just walks around with one hand in his shirt, playing with his belly button. So weird. He is starting to play with his brothers more and more and makes me so thankful for them to all have each other.
Evangeline will be so spoiled.
And so will their future wives. Besides the foot massages and “I love yous,” the boys act like I just handed them a bowl of suckers when I give them washcloths and ask them to clean the table. And they love helping with laundry, folding clothes, cooking, and carrying in groceries. Although, they also like video games, running around in their underwear/diaper, and climbing and jumping off of everything. Maybe they’ll wait a few years before they marry.

Here’s an okay picture I was able to capture of Kingston’s obsession

cute baby boy
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