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Bachelorette Party

I’ve kind of fallen behind on blog posts because of the wedding. Now that it’s over, I need to get caught up before we leave for our vacation in 6 days!!

So, the bachelorette party. I could type out the happenings of the whole day. But today, I’m cheating. I’m linking to Maggi’s blog because she did a great job telling the plot of that day. It was a super fun, long, tiring day! It was a great time spending one last day together before Stephanie’s big day.
Here are a few pictures from my phone
Mysti and Menzi were very kind to watch my children before Don woke up. I was very sad to say goodbye to this cute face.
cute baby
my friends
friends 2
That skirt was quite the attention grabber that day
bachelorette party
We just revealed the Nancy Drew theme for the day. We received clues all day that led us to another location that would provide us with some yummy food!
nancy drew inspired bachelorette party
We spent a lot of time driving all over the St. Louis area. Chesterfield, Central West End, The Hill, South County, Webster Groves, and Downtown.
54th Street
54th street
Green Bean
green bean restaurant
eating at green bean restaurant
Shaw Coffee
woman at shaw coffee
bachelorette party 3
bowling in a dress
Pastor Scott in a kilt was definitely a highlight
bachelorette party 4
bachelorette party 5
Stephanie Moslander and Amy did a great job planning a fun day for us!
friends 6
Blondie’s Coffee and Wine Bar
eating at blondies coffee and wine bar
The next day was Stef’s last Sunday at Rockport. And as BFFs do, we took pictures to remember. We will definitely miss seeing her face weekly 🙁
friends 8
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