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August iphone photos and Kids Say

Wow! It’s September already. August was a pretty crazy month, as I knew it would be. Now September is here and I feel like there is always so much to do! The past couple of days have consisted of me painting our guest bathroom. We also started school this week (just Science.) We will be diving in to all of the other subjects next week, once the rest of our books arrive. 

Before these pictures get buried any further into my camera roll, here are some iphone photos from August.

Desmond played along with me as we found a couple more backgrounds for #dresstherainbow. But I think Desmond wins the prize. He was committed to dressing the rainbow.
cute baby

August was the month we bought our first house! We had lots of amazing people who helped us in so many ways (including Maggi and Jeremy, pictured below) Thank you to everyone who helped clean, move, or provide food for us this month! We are so very grateful for all of you!
new house


I had to get a picture of all 4 of my kids who slept in the nursery I had painted for Liam before he was born. (4th photo) So many memories in that house.
august iphone pictures 3


Rachel and I were able to find a red wall! Thank you, Target!
red wall


august iphone pictures 5


Liam turned 7 this month. We love this little guy. I stare at him and wonder how he grew up so quickly. He has always dreamed of being an artist when he grows up. But as we’re reading about space in our Science, he now says he wants to be an engineer for NASA–and he’ll do art for his hobby.
birthday boy


His very specific request for his cake. Yellow and teal stripes. Covered in sprinkles–but no sprinkles on top!
birthday boy ideas


Desmond wakes me up around sunrise most mornings. So I always have to sneak a peek through the windows in the living room. (3rd photo)
cute baby


For anyone who has been to our house and has noticed the cat door (3rd picture)…It’s being put to good use!
big family
This blue door will soon be a bright pop of….some color. I can’t decide! Don vetoed hot pink 🙂
new house

And since I have you here…a short and sweet edition of Kids Say

Kai–“Mosquitoes eat your skin and then drink your blood.”

Kingston–“that’s really cool.” 
Kingston–“What’s for dessert?”
Me–“I’m not sure if we’re having dessert tonight.”
Kingston–“But there has to be dessert…..I need dessert.”
Me–“Isn’t it cool that we have a new house?” 
Liam–“Yeah, now we can do anything we want when we’re in there…except lie.”
Me–“Guys, today is Desmond’s one month birthday.”
Kai–“So how old is he now?”
Me–“I’ll turn 28 on my birthday.”
Liam–“I’m not sure if you will.”
Me–“Why not?”
Liam–“Because you might die before then.”
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