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August iphone photos and kids say

I’m really excited that September is here! I wouldn’t exactly place myself in the category of a fall fanatic (because I don’t like pumpkin flavored anything or the sun setting at 4:30!!) but I do love the fall weather, fall vibes, and all things cozy. Aaaand my due date is pretty much a month away. Looking back at these pictures from August just reminds me, again, how quickly time zooms by. So I know it’ll be no time at all before I’m holding a tiny little baby girl.

1) QT has had their shakes on sale this summer so I have to go by and get one every once in a while. 2) 31 weeks. 3) Mother/daughter pictures are pretty much my favorite. 4) Sometimes setting them on the counter is the only way to keep them out of trouble.

mom and toddler chocolate shake

That picture of my Spiderman daredevil? Somehow we have made it this far with 4 boys and no major injuries…yet. The kids have started a new game where Kingston climbs up doorways and walls while the other kids run underneath. If he drops on you, you’re out. Sounds like we’ll be showing up in the ER pretty soon.

big family and desserts
Okay, this isn’t an iphone picture but I didn’t include it on my blog anywhere else. August 11th was the one year anniversary of the date we closed on our house. We took a front porch family photo last year so we decided to recreate it every year. You can see last year’s picture in this post (second collage down) if you’re interested!
large family

Don took off a week of work so we could have a little staycation! We did a little St. Louis exploring and finished a bunch of house projects. It was a much needed break!

ices plain and fancy ice cream

Let it be noted that Kai is wearing shorts in that second picture haha. He likes to call himself the “policeman.” He carries Des down the stairs when Des discovers that someone left the gate open.

family picnic


maternity pictures and ice cream

1) Give Desmond a bottle lid and he will snuggle and be content for hours. Never took a pacifier but recently started this. 2) “Take a picture of me jumping!” 3) A little glimpse of my favorite little area in our house. I’ll be doing room tours asap (hopefully next week!) 4) Evangeline wanted to match me with our hair. I hope she never wants to stop matching me!

mom and baby kids reading books

I have cut back on ice cream but I definitely live up to the pregnancy + ice cream stereotype. Also, that picture with the kids on me? That’s motherhood, right there. Any time I lay down, I usually have multiple kids laying on me. I’m glad Don got that picture for me.

pregnancy picture and ice cream

More room sneak peeks and snuggly babies! (This gorgeous blanket is from Stella and Lu. I cannot recommend this shop enough! We have a blanket and a lovey and they are so soft and beautiful. And what always makes it better for me, the sweetest shop owners!!)

diy kids room decorations and polka dot walls


kids eating donuts

Ending this month with probably one of my favorite pictures ever (I say that a lot.) I’m 35 weeks now. I saw a couple of websites say that baby is the size of a pineapple, though most said honeydew melon. I went with the pineapple because how cute is this little photo op?

pregnancy picture ideas
This month’s Kids Say! Have a happy September!!
Liam–“Maybe I’ll want to watch Bob Ross when I’m older. Like….when I get home from work.”

Kingston–“Guys!! I’m going to go to the doctor and the doctors are going to shot me!”

Me–“What do you want to do when you get older?”
Liam–“I want to be a spy, a glass blower, or a painter.”

Me–“I can’t figure out why that plant just looks like it’s dying.”
Kai–“I think it’s because it wants other plants with it…so it can have a family.”

Evangeline–“Look! I’m cute now!”
Kingston–“Well, you’re always cute.”

Me–“Liam, can you believe that in 8 years, you’ll be driving…all by yourself?”
Evangeline–“If Liam drives, then that means he would be a mommy!”

A sign that we are not an athletic family..
Kai–“Why does Desmond have bowling shoes?”
Me–“They’re not bowling shoes. They’re called tennis shoes.”
Kai–“Oh, he’s going to play tennis?”
Me–“No. That’s just what they’re called. Some people call them sneakers.”
Kai–“Oh! So he can be sneaky when he wears them…”

Kai–“If you were an alien, we’d never get to see you because aliens don’t exist.”

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