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ask the kids–fathers day + video

Happy Father’s Day! A couple of years ago, I did a little “interview” with a couple of the boys, asking them questions about me. I had planned to do it for Father’s Day that year but then life happened and I forgot! 

The other day, while remembering that I had never done that, I decided that would be our little surprise “gift” to Don for Father’s Day. But to make it more fun, I turned it into a video interview!
In the future, we will use a microphone for these types of interviews because sometimes it is hard to hear their answers! And Don typically does all the captioning for our videos so we don’t have any captioning this time! But if you happen to even watch the video and you’re curious about what they said, feel free to ask! 
The kids and I love the video and we’re so excited to show it to Don (he will have seen it by the time this is posted!) 
Because we love it so much, I think we will do some more “ask the kids” videos–but not as lengthy! If you have any questions you want to hear them answer, leave them in the comments!
Thanks for watching and have a happy Father’s Day, filled with the cheesiest dad jokes! We are so blessed with such a great daddy for the kids!

and a little bonus video if you haven’t seen it yet! This is a little video we made for a Father’s Day dance contest on Instagram (which we did not win but we still had fun making it!)

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