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April Recap

Looking through all my April pictures really has me missing the warm, DRY days. Missouri has so much flooding right now. So on this chilly, rainy day, it’s the perfect time to recap April and dream of the nice weather returning!

Sometimes I try to get a picture and can’t decide which one is my favorite. Usually I pick one and the others never get any love. And sometimes I make a collage of some of my favorites.

And usually I have to work really hard to keep Desmond from photobombing the picture haha. Speaking of Desmond, his favorite thing to do right now is to stand at the window and point out every bird or car that he sees.

Spring is my favorite (probably because I don’t suffer with allergies) and I really have been loving getting out of the house with all the kids. I know I’ve mentioned this before but it’s just become such a breeze to get out with the whole family. I used to feel frazzled, frantically counting children in busy places. But I feel like we’ve finally found our groove. I’m already looking forward to getting out next weekend!

These lemon pictures were taken for a company that ended up using a different picture of mine but I couldn’t just not post them. Also, I just realized that they aren’t even iphone photos so I kind of cheated.

And of course the Easter bunny ears were worn frequently over the month of April!

Our church has this very hip distressed white wall on the side that has become a favorite spot for taking pictures haha. I love that Clem and her BFF, Mabel, are starting young with their pictures in front of it. Also, I love Mabel’s big personality. It’ll be fun to see how Clem responds to it when she’s a bit older. Mabel always lights up when she sees Clem and it is the sweetest thing in the world.//Also–baby bffs with their mama bffs.

I’m pretty sure I already posted about it here but our front door got a little makeover recently. I asked the kids if they wanted one more picture in front of the teal door before I painted and they ran outside and did this–I love it!//And now I’m loving the pink door!

Clem was outgrowing her bassinet and started rolling over in her swaddle so she was upgraded to a big crib recently and was cut off from swaddling. She is doing great! And now I stop to take a picture pretty much every time I pass her because there’s no sweeter sight!

In addition to Kai’s birthday at the beginning of April, we celebrated Don’s on the 25th. Our new birthday tradition is going out for donuts! Evangeline’s birthday is on Friday. Since Don works that morning, we may need to have a backup plan. But you better believe that plan will involve donuts!

And if you don’t get Clem’s letterboard reference, I don’t know if we can be friends. Just kidding 😉 Don didn’t understand it either. Just look up Justin Timberlake and “it’s gonna be May” and you can join in on the inside joke. But you better be prepared to enjoy the joke next year!

I’ll leave you with Kids Say and our Month in a Minute videos. If you only have time to watch one, I would definitely recommend Don’s because his is always much better haha. I hope you have a great week, without any flooding!


The balloon guy at Culver’s, making conversation with Liam…
Balloon guy–“So who brought you here?”


Liam–“Today I washed out my toothbrush with flamin’ hot water.”


Liam–“mommy, can I ask you a question.”
Me–“yeah, what is it?”
Liam–“if there was a guy in town who was like the best at juggling..and then another guy who is also good at juggling comes to that town, is it good or bad if you say that the first guy is still better at juggling.”
Me–“well, that wouldn’t be very kind to say that to someone.”
Liam–“I know. I just mean is it okay to think that?”
Me–“yeah, that’s fine if you think that.”


While it was raining–
Evangeline–“Look! The windows are drooling!”


Kingston–“Mommy, when I touch my boo boo it feels like a pokey-pine. It feels like it shots me.”


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