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All you need is Love

Last week was a busy one.

Mayci took our family pictures. I only have a few on my phone, but here are some of my favorites.
big family
large family
large family photo
mom and baby
married couple and 4 kids
She did a great job–even though she had to work with 4 children (3 of them would have rather been doing other things.)
Wednesday-Thursday was the Chick-fil-a opening in Sunset Hills. Molli was so very kind to offer to watch the kids so I could go. There ended up being about 27 Rockport members there in the freezing temperatures. (When we got there it was about 18 degrees) During the day it got up in the 40s, so it wasn’t bad. I don’t think I even got cold until right before bed.
chickfila first 100
Fox 2 hung out with us all morning, interviewing multiple people in our group (me included.) I have no clue if my interview even aired. But here’s Mayci, doing her live interview.
cfa opening 2
camping at chickfila
On Saturday, Maggi and Stef took me to see Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles at The Fox Theatre. It was fantastic! They sounded just like the Beatles and did all the same costume changes.
fox theater in st louis
Let’s just pretend that this picture was taken many, many years ago with John Lennon.
jessica and beatles
We finished out the night by going to Baileys Range.
dinner at baileys range

It was such a fun night! Thank you Maggi and Stef for such a fun time and the best company!

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