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a day at grandpa’s

What I love about the fact that my Dad (and Eileen) and my Grandma live in the country is that I can get my fill of country-living, without actually having to live in the country. We spent Sunday at my dad’s house after they had been living in Virginia for the past few years. The boys had really missed getting to visit their house. We had a lot of great food and a had a good time, despite the high winds that day.
dad and baby


dad and 3 kids


My dad lives in the house he grew up in. I have many memories of going there to visit with my grandma. This is even where I stepped on hot coals when I was 3. I may not remember what today’s date is, but I can still remember that van ride to the hospital with my feet in a bucket of ice water, I still remember the doctor wrapping my feet, and I still remember crawling around in my ace bandages. Funny how the mind works. This shed has been in this yard as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, it’s time to be knocked down. Sure it’s ugly, but I do see beauty in the ugly, broken-down buildings. 
artsy old shed
toddler boy sitting on chopped wood


cute toddler boy
Evangeline and her cousin, Madolyn looked cute in their pink dresses
2 baby girls


little boy kissing baby sister


toddler boy playing with toys
love this one
dad and toddler
grandpa and baby


mom and baby

young mom and baby girl

wheelbarrow rides with grandpa
2 boys take wheelbarrow ride


cousins 2


cousins 3
After a brief rainstorm, the neighbors’ cows were out behind the house
dad and little boy
grandpa and toddler boy pointing
There we go. Country-living for a day while still actually living in a close proximity to civilization. And by that, I mean Target and Salvation Army.


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