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28 week bumpdate (with a video!)

Jessica Roberts in Blue Mamma Belle Dress with Sunflowers
It’s so crazy that I’m already 28 weeks, which also means that I’m in the 3rd trimester–the final stretch! If you want to know how the pregnancy has been going, make sure you go all the way to the end of this post where I have included my first bumpdate video! 
This has been one stressful week for us. This time last week, I was going back and forth, trying to decide if I needed to go to the ER. I had a pain in my jaw/tooth/whole left side of my face. It was so severe that I was curled up in a ball, hardcore crying. And though I’m a wimp with pain, I usually never cry from it. I decided to wait it out until the next day. I have had pain off and on this past week but it’s almost all the way gone at this point–so weird! I did find out that I need one, if not two, root canals on Monday (and to be honest, I’m completely dreading it!!)
Jessica Roberts in Blue Mamma Belle Dress
Blue Mamma Belle Dress Maternity
These pictures were taken on Wednesday night, right after a fast, but powerful storm blew through our area–taking out our electricity for 24.5 miserable hours! It was sad to have to throw out all the food that went bad in that time but I’m thankful that we are safe and that no real damage was caused!

Blue Mamma Belle Dress with Evangeline

Blue Mamma Belle Dress with Evangeline 2Blue Mamma Belle Dress with Evangeline 3
Those pictures with Evangeline are some of my favorites ever!! Don did a great job capturing this stage of life of me with all my little loves. It’s stressful to get everyone in the shot sometimes (especially since my boys are entering the stage where all their smiles look fake and forced haha) but I truly treasure each and every picture. And the promise of cupcakes made the kids extra well behaved and motivated to get into a few shots with me 🙂
Roberts Family Group Shot with Blue Mamma Belle Maternity Dress

Roberts Family Group Shot with Blue Mamma Belle Maternity Dress 2

 Can we just pause and talk about this maternity dress that I’m wearing?! It’s from Mamma Belle and I am in love! I don’t own anything else in this color and I think I need to change that because it is too good! The maternity clothing industry has come a long way since my first pregnancy (and so has my style–or lack thereof!) I love the ruching on the sides and the black and white floral pattern. But I think my favorite part is that it’s lightweight and so comfortable. Comfort is pretty much my number one requirement for clothes these days–and dresses and leggings are my comfort clothes! Mamma Belle also offers other beautiful maternity and nursing friendly dresses, so be sure to pop over and check out the site!
**this dress was kindly sent to me but I was not asked to give a review. These are my real, honest opinions!!
Blue Mamma Belle Dress Maternity 2

Blue Mamma Belle Dress Maternity 3Blue Mamma Belle Dress Maternity 4Roberts Family Group Shot with Blue Mamma Belle Maternity Dress 3Roberts Family Group Shot with Blue Mamma Belle Maternity Dress 4

 Now, before you watch this video, a few disclaimers!!!

1) I usually end up editing myself out of every video we make! It is extremely awkward to talk to a camera–but I’ve heard it gets easier with practice? We’ll see! But editing this video was tough and I was cringing the whole time. How do my friends deal with me? 
 The fact that I’m posting this video is actually kind of a miracle because after I made it, I wanted to just delete the whole thing!
2) The clip that appears while I mention my exhaustion cracks us up–so I hope you get a kick out of it too 😉
3) I recorded the talking videos right as the crazy storm was blowing through. So there are some weird lighting shifts. Also, you may hear kids being loud in the background because…well, #reallife.
4) If I don’t go into hiding after posting this, I may do a couple more videos before baby girl is here. But I’m not making any promises!
5) Fun fact: Evangeline fell into the pond while we were videoing at the park. I thought for sure we would have to leave right then and there but she toughed it out. I still keep laughing about it though.
Anyway, enjoy! And thanks for reading/watching!



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