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23 week bumpdate

I realized I have never done any pregnancy update this time around (but really, does anyone care?) But then I noticed I never shared these fun pictures that Rachel of Apricot Studio took of me last month so I thought now would be a good time to throw the pictures up on a post and give a little update.

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 1

I’m 23 weeks with baby girl. She still does not have a name–though we have a couple of names that we are debating. I have a feeling that we’ll be going back and forth until she’s here. Four out of five of our children have a LOST reference in their names (character/actor names) so I’ll give you a hint that part of her name will likely include at least some sort of LOST reference 😉

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 2

So how am I feeling, you ask? Okay, you didn’t ask. But I’ll tell you anyway. Up to this point, this has been my easiest pregnancy. The only side effect I even have is extreme exhaustion. But let’s be honest, that would come with our without the human my body is sustaining! I’m enjoying the fact that I feel so well because I know that based on my history I will soon enter the stage where I can barely move because of hip and back pain.

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 3
23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 4

I’ve been feeling this baby girl move since right before 16 weeks and I felt her move from the outside a few weeks later. A couple of the boys and Don all felt her kick a couple of weeks ago. But she’s not a very strong or active baby at this point (similar to my pregnancies with Liam and Evangeline.) So while I’m not feeling pregnant and not feeling much movement, it often makes me nervous. But all was well at the ultrasound we just had!

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 5

The kids are all really excited to meet their baby sister. It’s been sweet to watch Liam’s excitement as he randomly will smile and rub my belly or give me hugs. He’s always wanting to feel her move so he will just sit by me with his hand on my belly, waiting for a little kick. Kai gives her two kisses every night before bed (he always gives us a kiss on the lips and a kiss on the nose and says “Night, night. I love you. Sweet dreams. I’ll see you tomorrow!”) So he’s continuing the tradition with his new sister.

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 6

Kingston is just Kingston…and 4 years old. So while he is really excited to have another sister, he’s really just not as into it as the others. But when he sees his brothers feeling the baby kick, he will eagerly run over to put his hand on my belly and wait patiently for a chance to feel her move (even though I don’t think he has yet!) Evangeline likes to call the baby “baby Elsa” (no, we’re not naming her that, sorry Miss!) Every time I get something new for the baby, she asks “Is that for my baby sister?” in the sweetest voice. I can’t wait to watch their relationship. She needs another girl in this house who will choose princess shows over superhero shows on those days that I need a little extra rest and the TV comes on.

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 7
23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 8

Four months can seem like a really long time to wait to meet her. I see newborns or all the tiny baby items that I’ve gotten for her and it makes me so eager to meet her. But with this being my 6th baby, I know how quickly (too quickly) time goes. I know that I will look back at pregnancy pictures and miss this time where it’s just me and her and my ever-growing belly. So I’m not trying to wish the time away this time (remind me to read this again at the end of September!!) Pregnancy is such a gift and I’m so thankful that I have been given the opportunity time and time again to experience this miracle!

23 week bumpdate maternity pictures 9

Anyway–I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! If you need a photographer in the St. Louis area, check out Rachel’s website, Apricot Studio, and get in touch with her! 
And I’ll leave you off with a more recent picture from last week (at 22 weeks) that Don took in front of our house.

23 week bumpdate pink blush floral dress
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