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Announcing Number Seven

We have a bit of news to share….

Baby #7, due February 2018. Surprise! Or maybe you’re not surprised because you expect us to keep having babies approximately every 1 1/2 years until I die haha. But I will admit that it was a bit more of a surprise for us. I talk all the time about wanting 100 babies, but the other part of me kind of thought of Clementine as always being the “baby of the family.” We just purchased a Suburban this past year, maxing out all the seats, and now we’re already outgrowing it. But unexpected or not, this baby is meant for our family and so loved already. We can’t wait to meet him or her!

After a bit of concern right after we found out, I had an ultrasound right around 6 weeks and I was happy to see a tiny little flickering heartbeat on the screen. That usually helps me feel a little bit more relaxed but I couldn’t shake the nervousness I felt about losing the pregnancy. On the Fourth of July, I was lighting some sparklers and snakes for my kids when my worst nightmare (and actually the exact nightmare that I had when I was sleeping the night before) happened and I suddenly lost a lot of blood. I immediately “knew” that I was having a miscarriage, but since I was only 8 weeks along, I knew there was nothing they could do for me at the hospital so I decided to wait until the next morning to call the doctor’s office. I was given the choice to go to the hospital for an ultrasound (and be charged hundreds for an ER visit) or I could get a blood test that day and then another test 2 days later to see if my levels were rising or falling. As terrified as I am about needles, and as much as I hated waiting for so long to get answers (I wouldn’t get results until Monday,) I knew the blood tests were probably the wiser choice because of the cost. The week following the Fourth was torture. I won’t go into a ton of detail about it on here, but it certainly did not seem like any of my previous miscarriages. (I would be happy to explain more if you do have questions.)

I spent a lot of the time waiting just resting and praying. I had Don take off a couple days of work because I was very upset and uneasy about the wait and just needed his help to take care of the kids. At times I felt like things were fine, and then other times I was so sure that we had lost the baby (especially after having another “episode” on Sunday.) It was such a help to have him home with us for those days and it truly helped me get through the weekend. Monday morning I called the doctor to get the results and was told that my numbers did rise, which was great news, but it was still impossible to know anything without an ultrasound. So I was scheduled for an ultrasound the next day. More torturous waiting–but at this point I was feeling slightly encouraged.

The drive to the office was extremely difficult for me. I felt so nauseated from nerves. I was so sure at this point that I had lost the baby, but I had just spent the last week googling so many things and my hopes were up way too high. My doctor immediately brought me back to the ultrasound room and right away found a little active baby with a healthy heartbeat, waving his/her little arm at me. **cue major, gigantic, happy tears. After my doctor took the measurements and pictures, I asked what caused the bleeding. He quickly found the cause, a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is what I had kind of expected based on (a horrible source, but correct in this case) Google. He told me to expect more bleeding over the next 2 weeks as it resolves itself, and I will be going back for another ultrasound at 11 weeks. Praise the Lord! I felt such relief.

I had spent weeks worrying about the reaction that people would have for yet another pregnancy. We get a lot of annoying (not funny) teasing and jokes about our family size. People try to do it “innocently” but they are still hurtful. But after this whole scare with losing the pregnancy, I decided that it’s not fair to this precious life not to be celebrated, even when there are people out there who want to joke about this child’s existence. So I’m embracing it and celebrating this new life that we are all so excited about, especially because we never know how long we will have with this baby. Maybe I will continue with a healthy pregnancy and meet this baby boy/girl, or maybe the Lord has other plans. I won’t spend my time worrying about it, but instead I’ll celebrate this time we have now. Having a big family is not for everyone, but even though it is overwhelming and exhausting at times, we love our big family and all the fun things that come with it. And I hope that if you’re reading this, you can be happy for us and not share any unkind comments (even if you do think we’re a bit crazy–because I already know you’re probably right about that.) Anyway, thank you for reading along and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Thank you to our tripod and camera remote for taking these pictures of us. Because my kids cooperate so much better like that than with an actual photographer, for some reason. Balloon numbers from Hobby Lobby.



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June Recap

Hi! Remember me? I took an unexpected break from blogging. I don’t really have much of an excuse besides just the lack of motivation. But I’m back and hopefully won’t be taking that long of a break again anytime soon. Anyway, I never updated my final thoughts on Whole 30, but I’m going to make you wait a little longer before I do. For now, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the month of June.

At the beginning of June we celebrated National Donut Day–or I guess I should say my family celebrated. I suffered in Whole 30 agony as they ate donuts. But leave it to me to still help them celebrate.//We also went to a surprise party that night where Clem’s BFF, Mabel, showed up wearing the same outfit–cutest thing ever.

That face Clem is making in the photo below (with the flower garland)–my favorite! She never fails to bring a smile to my face. That garland is made out of paper. I’m seriously so in love with it. It was made by Paper Kat Designs on etsy.// Also, those little matching outfits that Desmond and Evangeline are wearing are from Thirty Five and Lime. She makes such beautiful clothes for kids.

As I’m looking back on these photos from the past month, I’m reminded how blessed I am. Some people think we’re crazy for having a big family (and they may be right haha) but it is so special to watch their relationships grow. They do drive each other crazy quite a bit, but they’re also each other’s best friends. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

My BFF, Stef, celebrated her 30th birthday in June and her husband was so thoughtful to set up a time for us to surprise her with a girls’ day (along with Maggi, our other BFF.) We started the day at the most sought after location for a girls’ day, a nuclear waste site, of course. We spent the rest of the day hitting up yummy food places and a pretty flower shop in the city before ending the day at our favorite ice cream shop. I was so thankful to have the chance to spend a day with these two, without our kids.

A little bit of summer vibes–complete with a picture from the splash pad that my kids didn’t like. Look how cute that rainbow sprayer is! My kids love splash pads but they were ready to leave within 20 minutes of getting there. Guess which splash pad we WON’T be going back to?//But the picture of Evangeline in the pool is pretty much my favorite. She’s living the life that I want to live.

On the days/weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, we love to include all kinds of red, white, and blue to our wardrobes. The girls are both wearing headbands from Purple Rose Bows (a subscription bow shop.) We have loved all the bows we’ve gotten each month!

All the clementine themed stuff that I’ve gotten for Clem has definitely made me regret not naming our other children after fruit. All the missed photo opportunities with children named things like Kiwi and Melon.

By the time June was over, I had determined that I wasn’t really very interested in doing Month in a Minute anymore. I love having the videos but it was just becoming way too much to remember, which therefore resulted in quality I wasn’t happy with. So I decided to take a break from it again. Don will be continuing (his videos were always better than mine anyway) so I will continue to share those here each month.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I hope to be back to blogging more consistently now. As always, thank you for reading along!