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(These pictures were taken at 17 weeks during our anniversary getaway)

Okay, so let me start this out by answering the question that’s probably on your mind. “Why in the world would she need a baby registry for her seventh child? Shouldn’t they have everything they need by now?” The answer to that question would be yes…and no. After all these years and kids, we’ve sort of started wearing out all our baby gear. The swing we’ve used through 5 of our children stopped working this past year and a lot of our stuff is just worn down and outdated. Also, I do like to get a few (small) new things when we have a new baby so that baby has something unique to him/her.

I’m definitely not expecting anyone to throw a baby shower for me (haven’t had one of those for a long time) and I’m not expecting anyone to actually purchase these things off my list. But when I was pregnant with Clementine, I came across an online baby registry called Babylist. I decided to sign up because it allowed me to put everything on one registry–from major retailers to small Etsy shops. I ended up using it as a wishlist for myself and I actually referred back to it many times. I loved being able to see it all in one place.

This time around, I knew I would be creating a new registry with Babylist. So when they reached out to me to see if I wanted to help spread the word about their website, I jumped on the chance. I had already used it and loved it and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with all of you!

A few things about Babylist before I share about some of the items on my registry (because some of these features are things I didn’t even know about the first time around.) It works kind of like a Pinterest board. You are able to add links from any shop on the internet, big or small! That’s great for moms like me who love supporting small and/or mom-run shops (but who also have a slight Target obsession–I know there are a few of you out there.) If you’ve already been working hard on that Target or Babies R Us registry, you can actually add it to your Babylist account so that your shower guests only have one link to visit! You’re able to either completely transfer the list to your new Babylist account or keep them separate, under the same link.

Also, something else that I thought was really neat is that they have a “help & favors” section where people can sign up to cook a homemade meal or offer babysitting help, among other things. I know not everyone is in a position to buy gifts but they would still like to show their support. This is a great way for them to be involved! You can also register for cash funds for things like diapers, childcare, college, adoption, etc. Basically, there’s an option for anyone wanting to contribute in some way.

I thought it would be fun to put together my registry before finding out what we’re having so I could “shop” for both genders. Plus I thought it may be more helpful for anyone who may need some registry ideas. I knew that either way, the big items would be gender neutral. My eye is always drawn to black/gray/white so that was an easy choice for me. You may also notice that I didn’t register for the biggest/best/most expensive models. Although I was tempted by them, I tried to find things that had good reviews and fit a good price range.

I won’t go over every single item on my registry because I don’t want to bore you to death. But I will share a few things and how I chose them and then if you need some more inspiration (or just don’t feel like clicking on every link,) feel free to browse through the rest of my registry. When I started to think through the things I needed to add to my list, I started to feel like a first time mom again. Things like carseats, strollers, swings, playpens, etc. just weren’t on my radar anymore because I had all of those things. And then slowly, I started to see the need to start replacing some of those items.

Like I already mentioned, our swing died this past year and the thought of having a baby and NOT having a swing just kind of terrifies me. Each of my babies have been obsessed with our swing so that’s one of our priority items. I really had no clue how to even start my search until I was browsing the product guides on the Babylist website. I read this article and saw that the 4moms mamaRoo was recommended. I have heard a lot of good reviews about it from real life mom friends and I love the design and the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of room. So I felt like that was an easy choice. I used the product guide to choose each of the bigger items because I honestly felt so lost just randomly searching for things on Google.

I picked this double stroller (amazon affiliate link–if you shop through this link I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you) because it has the sit and stand option (even though we’re still probably years away from using the stand feature) and it fell in a good price range. Our playpen got busted up from a certain toddler that shall not be named so I added this one to my registry. I honestly could do without the designs on the sides but it was much cheaper than the plain one that I loved. Either way, I think it will be perfect! Our carseat is also due for an upgrade so I chose this one (because, duh! I like everything basic black, white, or gray!) And this bassinet, which is more of a want than a need.

Now that we got all of that out of the way–I can share a few of (what I consider) the fun items. Since Clementine was born, I’ve found so many fun small shops through Instagram. We’ve personally used and loved so many products that I decided that baby #7 needs some of these things for him/her self. Clem is seriously obsessed with her lovey from Stella and Lu so I’ve been eyeing their Instagram feed for which fabric I’ll choose this time around. So far, the constellation print is my top contender for a boy and this antique floral is super dreamy for a girl. I still haven’t completely decided but those are topping my list for now. Same story for crib sheets. We don’t have an official nursery so I don’t have any color scheme. But right now, I’m kind of thinking this one for a boy and this one for a girl. I have an “add to Babylist” button on my bookmark tab so that’s what I use when I come across an item to add to my registry. They also have an app for Apple and Android devices.

Some of the other things that I hope to get for the new baby are also things that I used with Clementine. A new Solly wrap, this gorgeous pom pom blanket, this teether, and this Halo sleepsack (we used them until Clementine was 6 months old because she was completely obsessed!!) Also, lots of clothes and accessories because every new baby needs a few new things 😉 Feel free to browse the rest of my list if you want to see some of the other darling things I’ve found!

And my list is still growing! I plan to keep on adding items to my list throughout my pregnancy as I come across things I love. Is there anything you think I’ve left out? What is your must-have item for a new baby?

Thank you all for reading such a wordy post and thank you to Babylist for sponsoring this post! Stay tuned because a gender reveal will be coming very soon!!!

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Apple Picking at Centennial Farms

Happy first day of fall!! Of  course, with weather in the 90s for the next few days, it definitely doesn’t feel like fall. But that won’t stop me from busting out my fall scented candles and pretending that I won’t melt if I step outside the front door.

Last week, we noticed that one of Don’s weekend days was supposed to be in the upper 60s. We had been planning on shooting our gender reveal photo that day but the baby wouldn’t cooperate so we didn’t find out what we’re having. I was definitely pretty disappointed so I decided to cheer myself up with a trip to the apple orchard.

Apple picking has been a favorite family tradition of ours for years. We usually end up going on super hot, sunny days. I was seriously giddy over the fact that we could wear “fall clothes” and I didn’t have to worry about kids complaining about being hot. It was cracking me up looking through last year’s apple picking photos and noticing a lot of similar pictures–including a picture like the one below of Desmond’s scrunchy face and wearing the same exact shirt haha. Yes, he still fits into that shirt one year later. I also noticed that I posted that blog post on the first day of fall last year. I guess you could say that I’m pretty predictable?

With Don’s work schedule this year, we were unable to visit our usual orchard. But we were able to find another one, Centennial Farms, that was open on weekdays. We thought it was great but my major complaint was the lack of apple cider donuts. Huge disappointment for this pregnant woman! Donut worry, I did get my donut fix from my dear friend who got an extra one from the other orchard.

Of course this year was special because it was Clementine’s first time apple picking! She spent most of her time practicing her walking and throwing our apples out of our apple basket.

Those faces! Don’t they make you want to pinch her cheeks? Clem’s bonnet is from Stitched Hearts Co. The shop is taking a short break through October 21st, but I wanted to share a bit about her shop. The mama who makes these bonnets just lost one of her twin girls, her beautiful 10 month old daughter, Vivian, to a heart condition a few months ago. As I scrolled through her pictures, I fell in love with this precious baby and my heart ached for their family.

Bekah (the mama) is so sweet and thoughtful and has decided to start her shop with a mission to donate a bonnet to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for every bonnet purchased, in memory of her daughter. I only recently “met” Bekah on Instagram but I was so encouraged by her story. She’s been such a sweet person to get to know. I also love her bonnets 😉 I get so many questions about Clem’s bonnets so I thought you all would love to know about this shop too! I’ll go ahead and link her business and personal Instagram accounts in case you want to follow along!

Can I just say that as much as I love having a family vlog, sometimes I get really annoyed that there’s a phone or GoPro in all my pictures haha. But I get fun family videos out of it so I guess I can’t complain too much.

These pictures of Clem! They make me smile every time I look at them! We pulled her in the wagon on our way to pay for our apples and she absolutely loved it! She kept giggling as she bumped along.

Also, Evangeline’s outfit? Total love! Her hat and dress were found on clearance from Old Navy the day before.

So the whole day started out all fun and happy but I feel like there’s just always a point where everything goes downhill at once–and quickly. And that was pretty much right before we took these group shots. There was a certain 2 year old that kept crying about apple peels stuck in his mouth and the sun was starting to peek out from behind clouds. So there was whining starting to come from every direction (I won’t lie–I was complaining too haha) So when we realize things are getting to that point, that’s when we usually pack up fast and leave whatever we’re doing. Of course I had to quickly get these group shots before we left and I’m so glad we did, even if we don’t look like the most chipper bunch.

I’ve been waiting nearly a year to get a shot of them all standing in a row! Now I need a new stair step photo with them all standing!!

As much as I was disappointed to not find out the baby’s gender last week, this trip definitely made up for it! Plus it gave us the chance to put a lot more thought into the actual gender reveal next week (pending baby’s cooperation!) Seriously, it was so fun! Now we need to put together a fall bucket list. Obviously we’ll hit up the pumpkin patch but please let me know some of your favorite fall traditions!

I already linked last’s year’s apple picking post, but I’ll go ahead and link again down here and the year before here and here if you’re interesting in seeing them!